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The United States Swim School Association (USSSA) is the professional organization of swim school owners who share philosophies and techniques. Its members include some of the most respected aquatic professionals in the world. Potomac Swim School is an active, life member.

About Us

DonnaBoonePotomac Swim School is the first privately owned swim school in the Washington, DC metro area that was constructed solely for the purpose of teaching swim lessons. Donna Boone, Potomac Swim School’s Founder and CEO, began coaching and teaching swim lessons at 15 years old. Thirty years later evidence of her passion is found at Potomac Swim School. Donna combined her three loves, families, swimming and business. She attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with degrees in English and Political Science. For Post Graduate work she attended George Washington University in Washington, DC and graduated with a Masters Degree in Education and has extensively studied child development and psychology. Donna’s love of children and the water has always been in the forefront of her life.

Warm Environment In the Water

At Potomac Swim School you will find a facility that was built for the sole purpose of teaching swim lessons. Potomac Swim School has warm water, 91 degrees and warm air, 93 degrees. The temperatures are conducive to young children learning to swim because they are extremely comfortable. Our shallow pool is perfect for children to learn to swim. It gives them enough depth that they cannot touch the bottom, which aids in learning to swim, but we do use platforms in the pool on which they can stand when needed.

PSS teaches children beginning at six-months old through 11-years old.  Swim lessons taught at an early age benefit children with safety, water comfort and the development of gross motor, emotional, intellectual, and socials skills.  It is fun and easier to teach children at an early age how to swim before they develop fear or apprehension of the water.  With a focus on beginner swimmers, PSS continues to work with children whose skills advance to the refinement of such strokes as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  Each class level is specifically designed to provide age-appropriate instruction.

Warm Environment Out of the Water

Potomac Swim School prides itself on excellent customer service. In today’s world so much of our lives are rushed and customer service is often forgotten. Come in to our facility where you will be greeted with a smile and a hello. Sit down, relax and enjoy watching your children learn to swim from our parent observation room. We love interacting with your children in and out of the water. Most of all we love their smiles and hugs. All of our children deserve a smile from us as well. We are not trying to be the best in customer service in swimming; we are striving to be the best in customer service, period. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

PSS is centered around the following standards and values: health and safety, teaching according to the PSS curriculum, loyalty, dedication and confidentiality of our clientele, and sincere love and care for the PSS families.

The PSS Team:

PSS is made up of a team of around 30 coaches, lifeguards, front desk attendants, deck assistants, and birthday party hosts/hostesses.  Each individual employee is required to go through 40 hours of PSS Training. Using our own copy-written teaching curriculum, all staff is trained at a written level in addition to in-water training with our mentor coaches.  All employees are required to be certified in the American Heart or American Red Cross Association’s First Aid and CPR (infant/child and adult).

The PSS staff consists of team players with positive, loving and fun attitude, professionalism, honesty, respect, and dedication.  PSS hires the character, then trains the skills.