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The United States Swim School Association (USSSA) is the professional organization of swim school owners who share philosophies and techniques. Its members include some of the most respected aquatic professionals in the world. Potomac Swim School is an active, life member.

Kids Corner

Kiddie Kliché s

I asked one of my students how old he was… he said he was 5… I asked,When did you turn 5? He said…on my birthday, silly

After Thanksgiving break, a child kept taking her goggles on and off during class, I asked her what was the matter, she told me, “Her gobbles were leaking”

I was teaching backstroke to a 7 year old, and I told him his pinky enters the water first, so he swam down the lane with both hands in a fist carefully extending his pinky finger out to enter the water first.

A 3 year old’s first swim lesson, he exclaimed “No Bimming!, No Bimming!, Water is bad!”

Halloween day, a small child excited about his first swimming lessons, says “ Look coach, my mom let me a swimming costume to the pool!”

A 7 year old asked me “How many recessions were left, before the spring classes started.”

A small child was asked if he could show me how he blew his bubbles… He said he would not be able to to that till he was 90.

A 3 year old was sitting on the edge of the pool during his class with his hands gently splashing in the water.  He said a word to the coach that she couldn’t quite understand so she repeated what she thought he said.  “Rome,” asked the coach.  “Nooo, no,” said the student.  “Worm,” asked the coach again.  “Noooo, no,” said the student.  “Warm,” exclaimed the coach to which the student replied “I love this water.  It is so ‘wom’.”

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