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The United States Swim School Association (USSSA) is the professional organization of swim school owners who share philosophies and techniques. Its members include some of the most respected aquatic professionals in the world. Potomac Swim School is an active, life member.


Families and Students’ Testimonials

I wanted to first start off by saying that it took me a good 3 months of research before making our decision on swimming lessons.  I went to other local swim schools, but was not feeling comfortable at all.  I opened up “I AM MODERN” magazine and saw Potomac Swim School rated top in the area.  I decided to make an appointment to drop in and so glad I did.  From the moment I walked in, I knew this was the place for us.  It’s not overcrowded, the instructors are very nice, and the pool is heated and VERY clean.  My son is a natural fish in the water, as the instructor says!  Our son is 2 and loves going swimming every week.  The pricing is fair and the instructors really know what they are doing.  Safety is a big concern for me as well and I feel VERY safe with having my son apart of this program.  Thanks Potomac Swim School.  We can’t wait for next session!

Nico’s Mom, Ashburn

I come from Arlington, VA, a 45 minute drive, and even I thought I was crazy.  But after over a year, we just can’t stop.  The coaches, curriculum, and “warm pool, yes!” (as my kids say), keep us coming back.  Thank you PSS!

Karen, Arlington

My five year old has been taking lessons all her life on and off until we found PSS. She made more progress in one three-month session than she had made in all of her other lessons combined. Every teacher she has had has been great! This swim school is worth every penny! I couldn’t be happier.

Jennifer, Ashburn

Since our daughter, Cameryn, has been attending Potomac Swim School, she has learned to swim much quicker than any other class we had her in.  The instructor is excellent with getting the kids to learn several different strokes in only a few classes.  They have fun and look forward to each session.  We are very pleased with the staff and facilities at Potomac Swim School and recommend it to all our friends who have kids.

Michelle, Leesburg

Our youngest daughter was afraid to even get in the water, and we were frustrated with unstructured private lessons in other swim programs. After just a few months at Potomac Swim School, our five-year-old has learned to swim, but more importantly, she now loves the water and is excited about swimming lessons.  We’ve now enrolled our nine-year-old son to improve his technique and get him to the next level.  The staff and the structured lessons are outstanding!

Julie and Scott, Hamilton

Our family has been with Potomac Swim School since 2004.  We have had a wonderful experience with the coaches and staff.  Their knowledge, patience and level of instruction has been instrumental in teaching our three boys to swim. Our oldest son went through the entire curriculum including the Developmental Swim Team. He had a great experience and the Potomac Swim School was the beginning of his love to swim which developed into a competitive swim team.  As parents, we value the small student-teacher ratio and the progress that our children make every session. Thank you.

Kelli, Potomac Falls

PSS is the best!

Nicholas and Ethan

PSS is a professional and caring swimming school that has given our children the confidence to be in the water, [and] the comfort to know that they have learned how to be safe around pools and [have a] love for swimming.

Jaci, Sterling

I would like to share my experience at Potomac Swim School with any parent who is looking for an excellent swim school for their children. I have four children. I know that swimming is an important “life skill”. I felt choosing the best swim school for my children was imperative. Potomac Swim School has proven, over the past 10 years and counting to be the best. Donna Boone runs a first rate program. She, General Manager, Amy Polen and all staff are approachable and loving. Donna has constructed a highly organized swimming curriculum. She also understands that to engage kids of all ages she has to make learning fun and happy. Amy and the instructors carry out the curriculum and make the children laugh. My children have always looked forward to attending their lessons. The instructors are gentle and kind. The water is 89 degrees and the air is 91 degrees. Each class is broken down into a format with goals to be achieved during each lesson. There are never more than four students in a group class. Students are challenged in each level. The communication between instructor and parent is outstanding. I would like to add that my son had just turned four last spring when he was pushed into the deep end of a pool. Before my husband could reach him, he had already swum to the side of the pool. My son wasn’t happy about being pushed into the pool but he wasn’t scared and continues to love the water. I credit a year of lessons at Potomac Swim School prior to the “push” for his ability to get to the side of the pool. The lessons are worth every penny I have paid and I drive one hour round trip for the quality lessons and love my children receive. Potomac Swim School has given me invaluable piece of mind about my children’s safety as they enjoy the water my family adores.

Cathy, McLean, 10 years of lessons at PSS

Potomac Swim School is the best of the best. The environment is warm, welcoming, clean and very kid friendly. The staff is wonderful and our coach is exceptional. She is so loving, patient, and encouraging with my triplet boys. With each lesson I can see how my boys have improved…they are no longer fearful of the pool, but happy and excited to come here!

Kelli, Leesburg

Potomac Swim School is a well-oiled machine. The registration process is organized, structured and efficient. The classes run just the same way. Additionally, the instructors are kind, patient, enthusiastic and encouraging, making Potomac Swim School a fun and desirable place to swim.

Gena, Ashburn

The program is well organized and structured. My child is actually learning and she is excited to go each week.

Kaitlyn, Leesburg

I am very happy with the progress that my daughter has made since she has joined PSS. The environment is very friendly, not overwhelming and the staff is so dedicated and motivated.  Thank you, Donna.

Sowmya, Sterling

Potomac Swim School has thorough and skilled teaching techniques and coaches. Ease of facility, getting kids into and out of pool area; parking is accessible.

Anne Marie, Ashburn

The staff is genuinely caring and gives positive support to the children. My daughter loves coming to swim class and I am seeing big improvements in her ability to swim.

Happy Parent, Ashburn

We have been very pleased with the Potomac Swim School swim program. I have enrolled my son in the spring program since I am so impressed with my daughter’s swimming improvement.

Kristi, South Riding

I find the Potomac Swim School swimming program and structure to be great. The instructors are great and so dedicated in helping and teaching the kids to swim.

Swati, Potomac  Falls,VA

Our children are noticed by other parents all the time due to their swimming confidence and strength. We recommend PSS to everyone that has a child who needs to learn to swim. Potomac Swim School does a masterful job of introducing children to the water and eliminating fear. The coaches are patient and have an excellent rapport with their swimmers. Our two oldest are now on year round swim teams and have been since age six, our third child is now at PSS learning to swim. His Saturday swim class is the highlight of his week. When he swims during the week he remembers what his coach told him in class. PSS has provided our children with confidence, ability and love of the water.

Felicia, Leesburg, VA

The teachers are knowledgeable and good with children and are pushed to improve. The small classes mean a lot of individual attention. No child “gets lost” or can make themselves get lost.  Yes, it is worth the drive!

Todd, Fairfax City, VA

Swimming is an essential life skill and Potomac Swim School is by far the best quality instruction we have found in the area. We have tried other programs closer to our home but we were unimpressed with the classes and teachers.

Chris, Great Falls, VA

The level of instruction at Potomac Swim School is top notch. My son was afraid of the water but after one session with his coach, swimming became his favorite activity. Swimming is an important life skill and we are thankful to Potomac Swim School for helping our son to learn to love the water.

Happy Parent

We like the small class sizes and the structured and fun curriculum. All three of our kids have really enjoyed coming here. I tell everyone that I have talked to about the program; that they will get your kids to love the water and they will LEARN TO SWIM!

Megan, Sterling

Potomac Swim School does just one thing and it does it well—they teach children to master the art of swimming. My daughter struggled with several other swimming programs, but after coming to Potomac Swim School she actually learned to swim and not be afraid of the water.

Alyssa, Ashburn

Potomac Swim School is very kid friendly. It has a disciplined and methodical way of developing kids into good swimmers.

Mani, Ashburn

Both of my children were afraid to put their heads under water, but after only two classes at Potomac Swim School the fear was gone. I think the method used by Potomac Swim School in which each stroke is broken down into parts makes the program a huge success. I have no doubt my children will be great swimmers. The teachers and staff at Potomac Swim School are amazing!

Ellen, Lansdowne

Potomac Swim School was able to take my preschooler from barely putting his head underwater to swimming freestyle and backstroke in less than a year. The transformation in his abilities and his confidence is amazing.

Ryan, Ashburn

Class sizes are kept small and each child receives excellent teaching. There is a definite progression and skills are developed and honed. We feel that each teacher is vested in seeing our kids do well.

Karen, Leesburg

My son, age 5, took lessons elsewhere. He didn’t learn a thing. He began lessons here in late October and is progressing very nicely. He loves the warm water (he was always freezing at his old school). He adores his coach. I find her to have just the right touch…she is patient and nurturing, but also pushes the kids to improve.  Worth my 45 minute drive to get here.

Angela, Fairfax Station

The fact that my son can swim at 4 years old is a testament unto itself. As parents, it is important to us that our son learns to swim for safety for safety and fun reasons. We have been very pleased with how well our son is doing and he loves it! The instructor is great. She has the perfect balance of friendliness for the kids comfort, plus the skills, assertiveness and knowledge to be an effective instructor.

Happy Parent, Leesburg

We have been involved with Potomac Swim School for four years now. Our kids have had such a positive experience since day 1. The instructors are great! Our kids are becoming confident swimmers who love the water.

Ruthann and David, Ashburn

Comfortable facility, caring staff, small classes, baby classes, availability of classes, convenient location, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Conner, Ashburn

Swimming is my sport. I am strong and fast. I love Potomac Swim School!

Sara, Ashburn

Our coach has been awesome in working with our daughter. Our daughter has developed such a confidence in the water thanks to the coach and the Water Babies class. The coach’s enthusiasm is contagious! Our daughter’s huge smile throughout the class and her eagerness to come back each week has made swimming at PSS our favorite activity each week.

Morgan,  Potomac Falls